Honey Is More Than Just Liquid Fructose

Posted by admin | On: Jan 27 2017

Fruits aren’t just watery bags full of fructose, and nuts aren’t just shells loaded with omega 6 fatty acids.

Even though fructose and omega 6 fatty acids have been linked to health issues when isolated, the real foods containing them can have a completely different effect.HONEY

Honey is considered unhealthy in many circles because it contains sugar, specifically fructose. But there is more to honey than can be dismissed with a wave of the hand and a mention of fructose.

Honey is a real food that has been accessible to humans throughout evolutionary history and can still be obtained in its natural form.

Is Honey Bad for You, or Good?

Honey bees swarm around their environment to collect nectar, which are sugar-rich liquids from plants.

Producing honey from the nectar takes place in the beehive. It is a group activity consisting of repeated consumption, digestion and regurgitation (expulsion from the digestive tract).

A few cycles of this ends with what we know as honey, but the composition and nutritional properties depend on the sources of the nectar, i.e. which flowers are in the vicinity of the beehive.

According to nutrition data, a typical batch of honey supplies:

  • 82% sugar, by weight.
  • Half of that sugar (40% of total weight) is fructose.
  • Only trace amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Various antioxidants (1).
  • Its relative glucose and fructose content can vary greatly and its glycemic index ranges from low to high.

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