Supermarket Smarts and Label Reading

Posted by admin | On: Jun 04 2016

Supermarket is the only place where we can find the best as well as the worst foods under one roof. Supermarket can be a great help or a real hindrance to one’s selection of food habits, which in turn can have the best or the worst effect on one’s health. It is very necessary to be smart, selective and aware during shopping of food.

One can always try to follow few guidelines while on shopping, like1

  • Plan your meals. A little planning will save you time and money in the long run. You’ll be less likely to buy on impulse, and you’ll cut down on waste. If you’re on a special diet, you’ll likely eat healthier, too. So take some time to come up with a menu for the week or even two.
  • Make a shopping list. Jotting down a grocery list is time well spent if it eliminates extra stops at the store for items you forgot. Make sure your list includes the quantity of each item you need. This will help you manage your budget well.4
  • Assess your state of mind. Never go food shopping if you’re:
    • Short on time
    • Tired
    • Stressed
    • Hungry


Because a bad or off mood leads you to buy wrong things.

  • Go with someone else. He or she can help steer you away from red-light foods. If there are aisles that you know are particularly tempting to you, you can send your shopping buddy to pick up the things you need.
  • Know the layout of the store. Most supermarkets stock the necessities — produce, meat, poultry and fish, dairy and bread — along the perimeter, with the less-wise choices in the middle. Unfortunately, junk food is often loaded onto the end-of-aisle displays as well. Know where everything is, though, and you’ll know which sections of the store to avoid. Also it will save your time and will reduce the unwanted shopping.

There is an increasing need to spread awareness regarding the choice of food to minimize or avoid health related complications in life. Everyday a lot many people are falling prey to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. all this can be prevented if one knows what to eat and how much to eat. But the question here comes is how will one ever come to know about what to eat and what to avoid?????? The answer for this is very simple… it’s the “Food Label” itself tell us whether to buy it or not. We just have to read it. Food label is that printed part of the food packet which we usually neglect to read thinking the fact that it’s just a formality of the food company or it’s just the waste of time. But in this we forget to notice that all this information is the key to our healthy food life style.

smartcart01It has become the general mind set of the people that “healthy foods are not tasty and tasty foods are not healthy”, but don’t forget that the most unpalatable oats have now become delicious, thus this mind set about the healthy food should be changed. Every person can adopt a healthy food life style…it’s just the matter of interest and awareness. It is true that not everyone is nutritionist or dietician, but the basic knowledge about the basic components of the food should be acquired. Sometimes just the knowledge of what is required and what should be avoided can be of great help. This all information is readily available on the pack of the food in the food label. We all know that the prevention is better than cure….the same manner prevent yourself from buying wrong food, to avoid cure in the later life.

Just one glance on the food label can give you a life style with healthy and tasty foods….. Eat without guilt…


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